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Who We Are

  Relief Now began as a group of Katrina survivors from New Orleans headed by Ryan Fitzmorris. They experienced first-hand the difficulties of surviving horrific natural disasters so Ryan marshaled a group of high school friends and family members to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  With their trusty portable kitchen in tow, they cooked and served more than 10,000 hot meals and delivered more than 10 truckloads of supplies.  And then, Hurricane Maria hit. We knew the group's next effort would have to be larger to bring even more relief and aid to this island.  We soon realized that our group shared a passion for helping others and we wanted it to continue, being there when the next disaster strikes. In a matter of weeks, we started the nonprofit Relief Now, and filed for our 501(c)(3) tax exemption. This organization and its army of volunteers is dedicated to responding quickly, intelligently and compassionately bringing essential items to help our neighbors get their lives back.  

Mission Statement

Relief NOW will provide essential supplies to disaster-stricken areas quickly and efficiently thanks to its volunteer army of neighbors helping neighbors.  

Fundamental Principles


  When others are at their lowest and need help the most, we will provide support, supplies and helping hands so they know they are not alone. 


We see ourselves as one large American community; a network of neighbors helping neighbors regardless of the distance between the cities and towns we call home. 


We mobilize quickly to be among the first responders helping out our neighbors. 

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